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Baoding anhui fuyang grain and oil co., LTD Baoding anhui fuyang grain and oil co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of combining process、Production、Commcrcial company.engaging a production-oriented self-management import and export enterprises;Anhui agricultural industrialization leading enterprises at the provincial level。The company was founded in1997Years9Month,1999In the self-management import and export rights。Company business scope is mainly produced and processed sesame series products。“Sheng and”Brand and sesame and“Sheng and”Brand sesame oil is the main products company,Company research and development of new products—“And the family”Brand sesame peanut sauce has begun trial production,Stay procedures improve immediately。 The company has won“The private enterprises...

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Sesame oil nutritional analysis

Sesame oil nutritional analysis
1. Protect the blood vessels:Sesame oil contains linoleic acid、Palmitic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids,Easy to be absorbed by human body decomposition and utilization,In order to promote cholesterol metabolism,And help to remove the arterial walls of sediment; 2. Runchang purge; 3. Reduce alcohol, tobacco, poison:People with smoking habits and alcohol often drink sesame oil,Can reduce the smoke on teeth、Gums、Oral mucosa of direct stimulation and injury,And the formation of lung smoke spot,At the same time also have relative inhibitory effect to the absorption of nicotine。Before drinking to drink sesame oil,At the mouth、The esophagus、Gastric cardia and gastric mucosa play a certain protective effect; 4. To protect his throat:Often drink sesame oil can increase the elasticity of the vocal cords,Make the glottis zhang combined flexible and strong,The voice hoarse、Chronic sore throat have good...
2017-9-14The effect of sesame oil and function
Identify the sesame oil Sesame oil,Is the sesame oil、Sesame oil,Is our familiar with daily life of the seasoning oil。Its fragrance,Are many traditional food pastry indispensable main accessories,And it contains rich vitamin speciallyEAnd linoleic acid,Can enhance the permeability of blood capillary effect,Improve blood circulation,Delay aging,Cooking oil is very good。But,Sesame oil processing technology is different,Quality is different also,We will need to spend some time in the identification。 1.Colour and lustre。The pure sesame oil in copper,Very clear,If it is to contain other components of sesame oil,When in a cylinder,Splashed spray will pale yellow or other colors,That is not authentic sesame oil。 2.Smell。Good sesame oil...
2017-9-14Sesame oil skin care effect
Sesame sesame oil from vegetable oil,Is used for skin care and nourish the skin is one of the good parts。It also known as the sesame oil and sesame oil,Since the ancient times is widely used。Sesame oil contains a lot of nutrients,Make it to the skin and the overall health is very good。Can be applied to the skin surface,Can also be used as a food intake。 The nutrition of sesame oil Sesame oil is good for the skin of nutrients is vitaminE。In addition to this,It also contains rich vitaminsBAndA,Also help nourish the skin。Sesame oil contains other nutrients include phosphorus、Copper、 Calcium、Such as zinc and magnesium。It has known potential antioxidant properties,Good for reversing aging skin,Regular use can let the skin retain green vigor。 There are a lot of sesame oil skin care methods,And it is...
2017-9-14The chaos of open sesame oil,What is true of sesame oil
With the arrival of the summer,Summer salad is the darling of the table,Many people would buy balm for cold dish flavor。Recently, however, there are media exposure:Nearly half of the bulk balm fraud on the market。Under“Now the grinding sesame oil”Sesame oil,Many are adding salad oil and sesame oil in sesame oil made from essence。 According to our country2009In implementation of sesame oil standard provisions of the state:Sesame oil can only use sesame seeds as raw material,All kinds of sesame oil shall not be mixed with other vegetable oils or not edible vegetable oil and essence、Spices such as food additives。 Quality control personnel,Using inferior corn oil and essence、Blending of pigment“Sesame oil”Liver and kidney has great harm to human body。 Reconcile the sesame oil A few days ago,The media showed the sesame oil adulteration,At that time...

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